ALSCT Bowker Information

Beginning in January, our rehearsals and performances will all take place at Bowker Auditorium on the UMass campus in Amherst. Bowker Auditorium is located within the building named Stockbridge Hall. This can be confusing!

Where is Bowker? Bowker Auditorium is located in Stockbridge Hall on the UMass campus. See this map for the location of the building on the campus.
  To get to the Campus Center Parking Garage, head north on Commonwealth Avenue and turn right at the first traffic light, across from the Mullins Center, on to Campus Center Way. The garage entrance is on your right. Google Directions
  To get to Lot 65, head north on Commonwealth Avenue and turn right at the second traffic light on to Holdsworth Way. Follow the road up a hill, through a stop sign, and the back of Bowker will be in front of you, with Lot 65 on your left. Google Directions


Parking The best place to park is in UMass Lot 65, located behing the building. Parking does not require a permit on weekends or after 5:00 PM on weekdays. From Lot 65 you must enter Bowker by walking around the building to the front entrance. The basement doors at the back of the building should no longer be used as an entrance.
  You can also park in the UMass Campus Center Parking Garage. This does cost money, but is sometimes preferable in inclement weather. On performance nights, parking in the garage only costs $2 if you show your ticket stub when you exit. (note: the $2 parking is not yet confirmed) From the garage it is an easy walk to the front entrance to Bowker.
  This UMass parking map may be helpful.


Bowker Locations These are the places in Bowker where we will be going...
  The Lobby: This is the area inside the main entrance to Stockbridge Hall. When you enter the building from the front steps you are in the Lobby.

The House: The portion of the auditorium where the audience sits.

  The Dressing Rooms: The Mens and Womens Dressing Rooms are located on either side of the basement hallway at the back of the building.
  The Downstairs Hallway: The hallway runs through the basement of the building from front to back.
  Room 40: Our new green room, Room 40, is accessed from the downstairs hallway not far from the two dressing rooms. This room will be used as a Green Room for cast members under the age of 18. There are two small dressing rooms inside it, one for males and one for females. This room replaces Room 124 which has been used in the past as a green room for children. Room 40 will also be used for pre-show warmups.
  The Stage: Also known as 'the deck'. During performances, the cast will access the stage via stairways that go up from the dressing rooms.


Bowker Green Rooms

Green Room assignments for 'Beauty and the Beast'

Men's Dressing Room (MDR)

dress in MDR
makeup, hair, hangout in MDR
OK to hangout in hallway

to be determined

Women's Dressing Room (WDR)

dress in WDR
makeup, hair, hangout in WDR
ok to hangout in hallway

to be determined

Downstairs Hallway

dress in MDR or WDR
makeup, hair in MDR or WDR
hangout in hallway

Additional green room space for all cast members in high school and older.

Room 40

dress in room 40
makeup, hair in room 40
hangout in room 40
(runner will escort kids from room 40 to the Stage during the show)

to be determined