Sign-ups for Auditions begin Thursday, August 1!

Auditions are by appointment. We will begin taking audition appointments on Thursday, August 1. To make an appointment call Amherst Leisure Services at 413-259-3065.

If you haven't signed up for your audition slot by Friday, September 13 at 4:00 pm, please call Jim Pistrang, Producer, at 413-237-5710 and he will assist you.

Auditions will be at the Bangs Community Center (70 Boltwood Walk, Amherst, MA). Audition dates and time slots:

Performances of "Matilda The Musical" will be presented on:

January 16, 17, 18, 19, 23, 24, 25, and 26, 2020.

ALSCT acknowledges, respects, and celebrates the diversity within our organization and local community. We seek to create theater that enables people of different genders, races, cultures, sexual orientations, levels of physical ability, ages, beliefs, and socioeconomic backgrounds to be represented in our productions.

Questions: Call or text Jim Pistrang at 413-237-5710

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about auditions is explained in the Audition Frequently Asked Questions (and answers) document.

Audition Survival Guide

A message from the ALSCT board about auditions and casting can be found here.

Important Audition Documents

Audition Form - this form must be filled out and handed in at your audition. Save time by downloading, printing, and filling out the form ahead of time.

Important Information and Dates - this handout has detailed information regarding rehearsals, performances, and cast obligations.

Support Activities - this document has details on the mandatory support activities for cast and families, and must be signed and returned only if you are cast in the show. It should be brought to or filled out at the first rehearsal.

Audition Readings

You will be asked to read a short excerpt from the script if invited for a callback audition. The first round of auditions will include acting exercises and line readings.

Callback Readings
1. Matilda - Pg 16 monologue under Acrobat story (Music number 3)
2. Miss Honey, Trunchbull - Pg 26
3. Miss Honey, Mrs. Wormwood, Rudolpho - Pg 37-38
4. Bruce, Trunchbull - Pg 46-47 (starting after black line)
5. Matilda, Mr. Wormwood, Mrs. Wormwood - Pg 30
6. Matilda, Miss Honey - Pg 74-75 (start with the last line on 74)
7. Miss Honey, Matilda - Pg 78-79
8. Mrs. Phelps, Matilda - Pg 15-16


Audition Songs

If you want to be considered for a lead, you are required to sing a song from the show. Below is a list of songs by character. Audition scores can be downloaded by clicking on the song name. Please sing the measures indicated (ex. m1-m29) and in the given key. If you choose to sing a song that is not from the show, please bring sheet music in the correct key for the accompanist. Each person auditioning should expect to sing one song, even if they wish to be considered for multiple roles. Some people may be asked to sing more than one song if the director so desires. If multiple songs are listed for callbacks, please prepare all of them.

Please note: our production of Matilda will not include British accents or special dialects.

  Character Audition Song Callback Song

Naughty (m.13-43)


Quiet (full song)


  Ms. Trunchbull

Smell (m.67-98)

Hammer (m.1-70)

Smell (m. 118-end)

  Miss Honey

My House (full song)

Pathetic (m.20-47)


Revolting Children (solo m.2-20 and m.64-65)

Same as Audition Song

  Mr. Wormwood

All I Know (m.58-end)

Same as Audition Song

  Mrs. Wormwood

Loud (m.70-120, including pickup to m.70) For the sections with no line for Mrs. Wormwood, sing melody in the ensemble line. (these include: m.92-93,m.96-97,m.100-101)

Same as Audition Song

Miracle (m.155-174)

Same as Audition Song

  Escapologist Acrobat IV (m.31-49, including pickup to m.31)


Same as Audition Song


  Children and younger teens

Revolting Children (m.47-end, Soprano and Alto parts)


Same as Audition Song


  Adults and older teens Miracle (m.237-262, sing own voice part) Same as Audition Song

A Note About Casting

Casting for many roles in this show will be flexible in regard to age and gender. Prospective cast members are welcome to audition for any part that fits their vocal range. Ages listed in the character descriptions refer to the age of the character and NOT to the age of the actor.

Character Descriptions

Matilda Wormwood, an imaginative girl who is clever and wise far beyond her years. She has a thirst for learning that cannot be quenched. Age 6-10; Vocal Range: top D5, bottom A3 

Miss Trunchbull, the tyrannical headmistress at Matilda's school who despises children. She is a female character who is often played by a male actor. People of all genders are welcome to audition for this role. Adult; Vocal Range: top G4, bottom A2 

Miss Honey, Matilda's kindhearted teacher. She is tired of living in fear under Miss Trunchbull. Adult; Vocal Range: top D5, bottom F3 

Mr. Wormwood, Matilda's uncaring father. A slimy, greedy used-car salesman. He is a male character; people of all genders are welcome to audition for this role. Adult; Vocal Range: top A4, bottom D3

Mrs. Wormwood, Matilda's self-absorbed, negligent mother and an amateur ballroom dancer. Adult; Vocal Range: top F5, bottom A3 

Michael Wormwood, Matilda's older brother. He is not very bright and favored by their parents. Age 10-15.

Mrs. Phelps, a nice librarian. Adult.

Bruce, Matilda's classmate. He is subject to extreme punishment by Miss Trunchbull. Age 7-14; Vocal Range: top E5, bottom C4

Lavender, Matilda’s classmate and friend. Age 7-10.

The Escapologist, a character in a story Matilda tells to Mrs. Phelps who comes to life in their imagination. He is Miss Honey’s father. Adult; Vocal Range: top E4, bottom C3

The Acrobat, a character in a story Matilda tells to Mrs. Phelps who comes to life in their imagination. She is Miss Honey’s mother. Adult; Vocal Range: top A4, bottom D4

Rudolpho, Mrs. Womwood’s ballroom dance partner. Adult; Vocal Range: top A4, bottom D#3 

Doctor, Mrs. Wormwood’s doctor when she goes into labor with Matilda. Adult; Vocal Range: top A4, bottom C3 

Children's Entertainer, a party entertainer at the start of the show. Adult; Vocal Range: top Eb4, bottom F#3 

Ensemble, Cook, Henchmen, Teens and Kids (Amanda, Nigel, Eric, Alice, Hortensia, Tommy, others), Parents



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